Pocket Campus Slate Windows Phone

At NYIT, the Campus Slate student publication has finally gone mobile!  The Pocket Campus Slate is a family of mobile applications on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.  All are free to download and they are available right now!  I worked on the Windows Phone app specifically. 

So if you want to check out the apps, go ahead and click or tap, on either button below to see the Campus Slate mobile app, and if you could give a rating and comments, it will help in the improvements!

What is to come?
There is a lot to come in the future! I will be updating my website, but here's a taste:
  1. VEX Robotics - I have been volunteering with the St. Mary's Carle Place Community Robotics team as their mentor teaching the skills of programming in RobotC, and showing them the concepts of true problem solving, and also teamwork [planning to have a photo album]. 
  2. Games for Seva - This is a new project with Young Indian Culture Group Inc. [more to come in due time]
  3. Photography - This is a new hobby of mine, and you can see all of that on the Photography page of my website

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